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    Silver press | 2 min read

    What do Bill Murray, theCHIVE, Osborne Mint, and NFTs have in common?

    The Bill Murray Stories.

    Have you read the latest news from theCHIVE? In an article posted on July 12, 2022, on theCHIVE.com, there is some exciting buzz on the most recent partnership between theCHIVE and Bill Murray, and it has to do with NFTs. Pretty exciting, right? Check out this excerpt from the article.

    When Leo and I founded theCHIVE in 2008 it wasn’t long before Bill Murray became Patron Saint of the joint. Then cameWilliam Murray Golf in 2014,Chive Rare Coins arrived in 2018… all wildly successful ventures. Bill has always trusted theCHIVE and our community to turn the sails in the right direction. 

    Bill and I were talking about the “What’s next” chapter in our story and I said it was definitely NFTs and Bill responded that it’s definitely not NFTs. But along the way, something changed his mind… stories. 

    Stories animate our lives, our entertainment, they even animate companies. I believe great NFTs should tell a great story and there’s no better story than a Bill Murray story. So what if we attached an NFT to a real Bill Murray story and created the first-ever biography on the blockchain?

    What if you could own a Bill Murray story?

    But what does Osborne Mint have to do with NFTs?

    This is the really exciting part. Anybody that gets one of the first 1000 NFTs will receive a solid silver Bill Murray "Founders Coin". This is minted by Osborne Mint in Cincinnati, Ohio. The coin is laser etched and has a corresponding number of the NFT, merging the physical and digital world.

    Make sure to read the full press release on theCHIVE.com with details on how to set up your account to purchase your NFT and register for exciting giveaways that go along with the adventure of The Bill Murray Stories.


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