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Introducing the

Mucha Collection

The Alphonse Mucha Collection

Art Nouveau

World renowned artist/painter Alphonse Mucha was born in the Czech Republic in 1860.  He produced a multitude of posters, advertisements, paintings and book illustrations in The "Mucha Style", which became known as Art Nouveau (French for new art).  The Art Nouveau period was most famous from 1890 - 1910.

​Alphonse Mucha was best known for his art celebrating beautiful women. Six of his most well known works are portrayed in this series.

This limited edition collection is available in 1 ounce and 5 ounce .999 silver. Proof, antique and colorized finishes are offered in both weights. It is licensed through the Mucha Foundation.  


JOB colorized overlay
Alphonse Mucha proof

6 Obverses, 1 Common Reverse

The reverse of all Mucha Collection silver rounds features a portrait of Mucha himself. Taken from a larger photograph of the artist seated in a chair, only his face is seen, along with engravings identifying the series, his birth/death years, and the purity, metal content, and weight of the round. Each individual round is numbered, packed in a capsule and comes with a corresponding certificate of authenticity.  


In 3 Different Finishes

Champagne proof


The proof rounds in this series have frosted design elements with contrasting mirrored background fields.

Champagne antique


These stunning rounds are antiqued and relieved to achieve a deep, rich finish that highlights the intricate details.
Champagne colorized proof

Proof Colorized

Colorization brings to life the vibrancy and intricate detail of Mucha's work.