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The Film That Changed History

Sometimes regarded as the most influential sci-fi movie of all time, Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis is a master class in German Expressionism through its depiction of a gloomy and dark futuristic society. For its time, the film’s special effects were beyond anything anybody had seen before as they created sharply angled skyscrapers, as well as jagged, endless industrial plants that are still cemented in, not just the minds of the filmmakers the film inspired, but every fan upon seeing it for the first time.

Beyond its cinematic legacy, Metropolis, tackles issues ahead of its time and, possibly, issues that may be more relevant today like the growing autonomy of artificial intelligence and an increase in division amongst classes.


How It Started and Ended

Movie poster

The Inspiration

The original movie poster from the 1927 film Metropolis.

In recognition of Metropolis entering the public domain, Osborne Mint’s new 1 AVDP .999 Copper Ingot is a replica of the, now historic, original movie poster for Metropolis featuring those same famed images from the film. In front of the towering structures and those harsh beams of light that fill the city, is the sculpted head of the film’s Maschinenmensch, or “machine-human” in English, which was one of the first fictional robots ever to be depicted in cinema.

Daylight metropolis no background resized

The Final Product

This bar is 1 ounce of .999 fine copper and is available to order in bulk quantities. 

The Design Progression

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