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Introducing the

Lisa Parker Collection

The Lisa Parker Collection

Art Immortalized on Fine Silver Rounds

Osborne Mint, partnering with Anonymous Mint, proudly presents a stunning new six-coin Lisa Parker Series. Lisa Parker is currently one of the top fantasy artists in the world creating artwork of animals with a mystical twist. This extremely low mintage series showcases a selection of her world-renowned art in .999 Fine Silver. Master Sculptor Luigi Badia is credited with creating sculpts that give the images a 3 dimensional appearance.

Moonstruck - Color Obverse and Reverse
What Lies Within Antique 5 oz

1 Ounce and 5 Ounces of Craftsmanship

These exquisite, limited edition, fine silver coins include artworks: What Lies Within, Moon Gazer, Apache, Power of Three, and Snow Kisses. The standard reverse of the series depicts the art piece Wild One. The rounds are sold exclusively through precious metals dealer JM Bullion and arrive serial numbered with a protective capsule and matching certificate of authenticity. 

3 Different Finishes

Moongazer - Proof


The proof rounds in this series have frosted design elements with contrasting mirrored background fields.

LP #6 Snow Kisses - Antique


These beautiful 1 ounce and 5 ounce rounds are antiqued and relieved to achieve a deep, rich finish that highlights the intricate details.
LP #4 Apache

Proof Colorized

Our colorization process emphasizes the lifelike detail and intricacy of  Ms. Parker's designs.