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Aliens have landed at Osborne Mint

Have you seen a UFO? In 2020, the United States reported the highest number of UFO sightings in history. This collection is inspired by our fascination with extraterrestrial life and visitors that have come to our planet from the stars. The aliens in our collection have quickly become a fan favorite for collectors and as the series expands the Osborne Aliens adventure continues. Where will then end up next?


Alien 4 - Wrong Button

Wrong Button?

This is the 4th release in our popular Alien Series and our aliens can't seem to stay out of trouble or keep their hands to themselves. Everyone loves fireworks, but apparently a little more education on just what fireworks are, is warranted! They were just excited to hear the BOOM and see the mushroom cloud. The rest of humanity is less than impressed. 

Don Not Attempt On Earth - 3rd Release

Do Not Attempt On Earth

This is the 3rd and most recent release in our popular Alien Series. As they roam the galaxy it is time for a pit stop on our moon for a little martian dune buggy fun. The design includes intricate details on the rover and even a drone that follows them around during their cruise on the moon. The tracks they leave behind will be there forever due to the absence of wind, and let's hope they don't hit a bump because on the moon gravity is not your friend.

They're Here, Area 51

The 1st design in the Alien Series, this solid silver round has been a collectors favorite since the day it was released. Area 51 is shrouded in mystery. Are there aliens or alien aircraft parts being secretly hidden inside from the 1947 Roswell crash? Looks like you will have to get through security and past the barb wire to meet these two aliens inside.

Area 51
We'll Be Back - 2nd Release

We'll Be Back

Fleeing earth from the pandemic, the second design in the alien series gives us a glimpse inside their space craft and the earth with the moon as the ship departs. But it doesn't look like they will be gone for long. Look for the COVID-19 molecule in the monitor in the background. Once cases drop to safe levels we are sure to get another sighting of these two.

Common Reverse

The reverse features the weight and purity bordering a stylized eagle with an American flag and banner showing USA - where the coins are made. The O/M mint mark graces the back and guarantees that we stand behind every round we produce.  

The round comes packed in a capsule. 

  • .999 Fine Silver
  • Intricate design with amazing details
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Quality guaranteed

Osborne Mint products are proudly made in the USA. Each purchase supports American jobs.

Alien Series Common Reverse

Will there be another release?

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