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The Fight for Freedom's Sake

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The 4th Release

4th Release, Buy War Bonds

Buy War Bonds

The 4th release in the Fight For Freedom's Sake series features popular WWII war poster artwork that encouraged American citizens to support the war effort by purchasing bonds. 

The highly anticipated 4th release features Uncle Sam rising above artillery smoke with the American flag colorfully billowing behind him while planes fly overhead and a soldier marches resolute forward below. 

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Because Freedom is Worth Fighting For!

Fight For Freedom's Sake Collection

Americans Will Always Fight for Liberty

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the United States was thrown into conflict – a conflict we didn’t ask for, but met with the full might of the USA and its citizens.  Throughout history, artists contributed their talents making war posters extolling the virtue of volunteering for the armed forces and reminding the populace to stay alert, conserve resources and support the war effort. This collection features some of the most popular war posters on an oversized ingot, allowing the true impact of the message to shine on this larger .999 fine silver “canvas”. Read more about the creative inspiration of this collection.

The First in a Collection of 4


1st Release

The brilliantly colored minutemen from 1778 stand in the background, silently supporting their 1943 brothers-at-arms. Fighting for our freedom, immortalized on a 2 ounce, .999 fine silver "canvas".  

2nd Release

The 2nd release in the Fight For Freedom's Sake series encourages American citizens to support the war effort by purchasing bonds. Reminiscent of D-Day, WW2,(the Battle of Normandy, which lasted from June 1944 to August 1944), it is a reminder of how Americans and their Allies faced and overcame impossible odds in the fight for freedom.
Buy that invasion bond ob
3rd Release: I'm Counting On You

I'm Counting On You

The 3rd release in the Fight For Freedom's Sake features a vivid patriotic backdrop of vibrant blues and the American flag. Created in the artistic style of WW II propaganda war posters, this Americana art style is highly collectible. The polished die struck image contrasts with the full-color image in the background and makes Uncle Sam really "pop". One interesting fact - this obverse is completely hand engraved.

The Common Reverse

The common reverse shows the grittiness of the fight with soldiers advancing through gunfire and smoke while flanked by tanks and aircraft.

The approximate dimensions of the limited edition, 2-ounce solid silver ingot are 2.50" x 1.70".  Only 2,500 of each design will be minted. Each ingot is individually numbered, packed in a custom-fitted capsule, and has a corresponding certificate of authenticity.