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High Time to Celebrate Cannabis

Featuring A Solid Silver Collectible

Big Leaf Hidden Leaf Solid Silver Collectible

Introducing the Cannabis Collection

Cannabis has strong roots in American culture for the use of textiles dating back to colonial times. Today it is one of the largest topics in the medical community and a budding social issue.

We received overwhelming feedback from FaceBook followers and collectors about their favorite design from our Copper Cannabis Collection coin designs. Two of the designs were the clear favorite. Based on request we have released our Solid Silver Collectible, Big Leaf Hidden Leaf.

We have combined the Big Leaf and Hidden Leaf designs onto one Solid Silver round. The front features our Big Leaf design while the Reverse showcases the exciting Hidden Leaf pattern. Each coin is edge marked with .999 FS. This Solid Silver round is available exclusively through our online store and is being minted especially for you.

The Copper Cannabis Collection

Cannabis has a long history throughout human history. Did you know it is believed to have been used as early as 500 BC as an herbal medicine in Asia? And today, in the USA, states across the country are voting on changes for medicinal and recreational use.

This socially charged movement has inspired our Cannabis Collection. The copper designs pay homage to this growing industry with a series of 5 collectible rounds.

Copper rounds from the Cannabis Collection are coated in a special lacquer to protect your purchase from the elements and against residue left during handling.

Cannabis Collection site image

Let’s talk about the budding industry of cannabis

(AKA marijuana) Is flowering from coast to coast.  The criminal aspect of the business is going up in smoke as cannabis becomes more and more a legitimate commodity. The copper collection designs pay homage to this growing industry with a series of 5 collectible rounds. Each round is a unique style of artwork that appeals to both numismatic collectors and cannabis industry fans.

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