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New Release from The American Legacy Collection

Kennedy proof obv_rev

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

A little more than a month after JFK's assassination on November 22, 1964, Congress authorized his portrait on a 50-cent piece, also known as the Kennedy Half Dollar. For this collectible round a limited number of 5,000 pieces will be produced.

In 3 Different Finishes

JFK proof 300_300


Struck in a proof finish from 1 ounce of fine silver, this round comes in a custom-fitted capsule to enhance the curvature.

JFK antique 300_300


This beautiful 1 oz round is antiqued and relieved to achieve a deep, rich finish that highlights the intricate details. 

JFK colorized 300_300

Proof Colorized

This proud profile is enhanced with a gold color overlay.

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The American Legacy Collection

Indian antique obv_rev

First in the Series - the 1913 Buffalo Nickel

The first design in the series is the proud Indian from the 1913 Buffalo Nickel and is currently available at Apmex and Littleton Coin. Because of the mega depth, the crags in the Indian’s face and the individual segments of the feathers in his hair can actually be traced with your fingers.

2nd Release - 1893 Morgan Dollar

Second, in the series is the 1893 Morgan Dollar with the female bust representing Liberty. The detail on her crown is so exquisite that you can see the individual wheat sheaves and cotton bolls opening as if reaching for the sun while her hair curls loosely around her neck. Finishes include proof, antique, and colorized proof. Available from leading precious metal dealers Apmex and Littleton Coin.
Morgan deep relief and standard relief
Lincoln color overlay

3rd Release - 1909-S Lincoln Penny

The 3rd release of the American Legacy Collection™ honors the 110th anniversary of the 1909-S Lincoln Wheat Penny. The 1909-S penny is numismatically significant as the first coin to feature a US President’s portrait and the first change to the penny in 50 years.

Silver Collection

Osborne Mint is the leader in custom minted, numismatic quality silver rounds. We create impactful silver collections in 1 and 5 ounces of .999 fine silver. Our finishes encompass proof, antique and colorized.

Copper Collection

Our .999 fine copper collection consists of 1 ounce rounds, 1 ounce ingots and 1 pound rounds. The designs range from American currency reproductions to fun novelty images.

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Current Coins

Working with clients across the country, we create artwork, engrave or sculpt new designs, and mint custom rounds every day. Our current silver collections include:  The American Legacy Collection and Galaxies & Nebulae by Osborne Mint, Lisa Parker Collection, Anne Stokes Dragons, Amy Brown Collection, The American Skulls, Native American Mint’s Silver Dollar Series, and Coin Jewels patented capsule and filigree coins.

Custom Coins

“I created this!” is a truly satisfying feeling.  If you’ve ever thought about immortalizing your creation on a silver or copper round, you’re in the right place. Working hand in hand with you, we take over 130 years of coin making experience to make the best possible design from your art. We have top graphic designers on staff and work with talented outside sculptors who have trained with coin sculpting masters to bring your art to life. Low minimum quantities make rounds an attractive option for artists who want to do something different and special. There’s a reason we consider rounds “micro” works of art.


Previous Collections

Osborne Mint has an extensive gallery of beautiful rounds that have been created over the years. These coins are not currently being minted but you may still be able to find some of these treasures through our distributors.