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For quality rounds & bars since 1835.

Featured Collection

Three Musketeers Solid Silver Collection

Three Musketeers Solid Silver Collection

The 50 Matching Sets are sold out. 

4 beautiful designs give this classic tale a new twist.

What does this special offer include?

When you purchase the entire collection your rounds will

  • Be shipped with matching serial numbers. That's right all 4 of your collectibles will have matching serial numbers directly on the rounds!
  • Plus, you will also receive a unique Certificate of Authenticity for this collection. These COA's will also come with matching serial numbers for your corresponding rounds!
  • Each solid silver collectible will be shipped in a capsule.
  • These rounds are 1 ounce of .999 Fine Silver each!

Individual rounds from this collection will not be sold directly from the mint to collectors. This is a unique opportunity to purchase this beautiful collection directly from the mint.

If you missed your opportunity to buy, please visit our distributor page. 

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There's a Round for Every Interest

Anne Stokes and Dragons


Some Osborne Mint collectible products are available through our network of Distributors. We work with distributors that offer quality service,  products, and are experts in the coin and numismatic industry. Are you interested in selling Osborne Mint products?

Coin Collectors

We take pride in our work and produce rounds that all coin collectors will love for both beauty and quality. Our exclusive releases are available via our online store. Products ordered from our store come directly from our mint to your front door. 


Osborne Mint partners with talented artists to develop unique pieces of art. In our blog, From the Mint, we feature articles about the creation process, industry news, and trends. Art enthusiasts follow our blog to get updates on new releases and collections.

About Osborne Mint

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Our History

Osborne Mint is the leader is custom minted numismatic quality silver rounds, copper rounds, bars, and bullets. Working with clients across the country, we create artwork, engrave or sculpt new designs, and mint custom rounds every day.