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America's Oldest Private Mint Introduces The American Legacy Collection

The collection consists of iconic American coinage designs re-interpreted in one ounce of .999 fine silver. Four classic sculpted profiles have been re-modeled using modern techniques to achieve unheard of design depth and detail. These rounds are 10 times deeper than standard deep relief rounds. Custom fitted capsules emphasize the depth of the design and protect the silver from tarnishing.

The American Legacy Collection will be released throughout 2019. 

Creative Ideas Make Beautiful Rounds

M94 Galaxies and Nebulae

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With an extensive selection, we have an array of rounds currently being minted.


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Rounds not currently in production are still a treasure to find.
Old Ironsides

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Osborne Mint is frequently commissioned for custom rounds for private events and milestone celebrations.
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Anne Stokes and Dragons


Osborne Mint collectible products are available exclusively through our network of Distributors.
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Osborne Mint partners with talented artists to develop unique pieces of art. Art enthusiasts follow our collections to get updates on new releases.