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    Silver Mint updates | 3 min read

    "From the Mint" Book VIII


    Something NEW! 

    To go along with the New Year, our newly updated website and our newest collection Colored Light, we introduce our NEW ecommerce direct sales portal.   For the first time ever in the history of Osborne Mint collectors can purchase directly from us at Shop The Mint.

    Debut Special: FREE Shipping for Purchases over $50 at Shop The Mint

    As collections debut, we will not only feature them on the blog and our website but, also provide the opportunity to buy these featured pieces right from the mint.  Inventory will also include rounds from previous collections, back inventoried items and excess pieces in limited numbers.  Rounds and ingots that we find in the vault will be rereleased exclusively on our Shop The Mint site.  As we expand the selection we will also be adding copper rounds and bars to the pages. 

    What is Available for Purchase NOW?

    Currently the Shop The Mint website features two of our newest round and ingot collections, “American Legacy Collection” and “Fight For Freedom’s Sake Collection.”   Just announced this week, for the first two weeks of February (2020) the Shop The Mint site will be taking preorders for our latest collection release: Colored Light.  

    Osborne Coinage Flyer_FINAL_half_pg with title-resized

    This limited production set brings to life the beauty of stained glass from around the world on 1 ounce, .999 fine silver collectible rounds.  The initial launch includes two rounds entitled The Rose Window and The Skylight.  These rounds replicate the grandeur of actual stained glass as they reflect and refract the light, shimmering in the palm of your hand.  (See the press release for more detail about the Colored Light release).  Shipping of our Colored Light collection will begin February 17th, 2020, while all other items on the sale site are available for immediate purchase. 

    Site Details

    The site is extremely user friendly, easy to navigate and creates a simplistic shopping experience.  You can access the site from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  Each collectible listed will be accompanied by a detailed description, multiple images and direct from the mint pricing.  As with all of our collectibles the price will be determined by current metal market.  The purchase portal offers a streamlined process with secure, encrypted transaction.  There are no minimum purchases and the inventory will constantly revolve.   Every purchase ships immediately by United States Postal flat rate service.

    Home page screen shot

    Exclusively Osborne:

    Only pieces crafted and minted by Osborne Mint will be on the Shop The Mint site.  Look for the Osborne Mint stamp, which ensures each piece is held to our high production standards for quality, purity and authenticity.  As always, we are proud of the fact that all of our work is Made in America. 

    Debut Special: FREE Shipping for Purchases over $50 at Shop The Mint

    Our new sales site is a part of our effort to better interact and relate to our guests.  We will use sales as a tool to monitor and track interest in patterns, metals and finishes.  This knowledge will increase our ability to provide collectors with a more targeted inventory and create new collections that match their interests.  If you have an idea for a series send us an email at info@osbornemint.com.

    The biggest benefit of the online sales site is that now purchases can occur at any time - the website will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We encourage visitors to stop back often to view the constantly changing inventory and see what is on the site.  Visit Shop The Mint today and any purchase over $50 will receive FREE shipping.

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    Silver Mint updates

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