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    Opening Day 2020 Rounds Released - Published in Numismatic News

    Opening Day 2020 Silver Collectible is Released

    It's been on everyone's minds for months. With the shut down of public spaces and venues what is going to happen to "America's Greatest Past Time"? The 2020 baseball season is unique and will be part of history for many reasons, including the opening day that almost didn't happen. But, it is going to happen and we are all very excited about it. So excited, that we are memorializing this moment with the release of the Solid Silver Collectible, Opening Day 2020. The release was published in Numismatic News. Below is an excerpt from the article posted on July 6, 2020 by Hannah Wiedmeyer

    "Osborne Mint, the country’s oldest private mint, has released a 1-troy ounce .999 fine silver,Opening Day 2020 singular design collectible round, the private firm announced in a June 30 press release.  This round commemorates the start of the 2020 baseball season with the inscription, “Let’s Play Ball!”

    Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Osborne Mint has previously celebrated baseball’s opening day from the Opening Day Parade to the first pitch. Opening Day in Cincinnati is considered by most to be an unofficial official holiday. Sports Illustrated stated that “Throughout baseball’s long history, no locale has been more synonymous with Opening Day than Ohio’s Queen City (Cincinnati).” Despite COVID-19 negating this year’s original March 26 start date, baseball fans kept the faith that they would get to see a season this year."

    Let's Play Ball!

    opening day 2020 - Lets play ball

    "Thus, Osborne Mint crafted a .999 fine silver collectible round to memorialize the July 23 or 24 start of the 2020 Major League Baseball season. The obverse (heads) of the round features one of the most iconic scenes in baseball, the first pitch – be it a ball or a strike – it signals the start of the game. The obverse displays a split finger fastball ready to be served up to the lefty at the plate. The pitcher is adorned in pinstripes with engraving depth and wearing the number 25.  As a nod to previous opening days, the stands are full from the VIP section behind the plate to the cheap seats in the bleachers and top level.

    The reverse of this collectible identifies the significance of America’s favorite pastime to our country with the presentation of the American flag, the wings of an eagle, and a ribbon inscribed with the USA, the firm said. The 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver is guaranteed for weight and purity. The reverse is also minted with the official Osborne Mint insignia. The collectible is enhanced even further with the addition of reeded edges, in a sense, the stitches of the baseball.

    “We wanted to mint a coin that marked this year’s 2020 baseball opening day and acknowledged the uniqueness of this baseball season. Our Opening Day 2020 silver commemorative keepsake does that and more, it’s definitely a home run. Go Reds!” said Jeff Stegman, CEO of Osborne Coinage, the parent company of Osborne Mint.

    These rounds are designed and minted completely in the USA. The Opening Day 2020, 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver collectible round, measures 39.1 mm (1.54”) in diameter and comes packaged in a plastic capsule for display. This baseball memorabilia can be purchased immediately on Osborne Mint’s Shop the Mint site at"

    Original article posted on numismatic news

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