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    Silver press-media round | 4 min read

    Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Blog XVI

    Does that question ever get old?  It does if you have young ones around the house that are addicted to Frozen and play the movie over and over. I know what is going to be said in every scene, the lyrics to every song, and spoiler alert - I know how it ends!  Nevertheless, do you want to build a snowman?  Our team here at Osborne Mint wants to make construction easy and has built a snowman for you!  Our .999 pure silver, collectible round entitled “Let It Snow” is perfect for the holidays and features a snowman!  As one of five rounds crafted to celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, they capture the joy of the season in silver and simultaneously make a great gift.

    Let it Snow Snowman Solid Silver RoundThe “Let It Snow” silver round is a collectible we added to the set of four holiday rounds launched in early November.  The playfulness depicted in this featured round is evident at first glance.  The shine and sheen of the rounds are captivating.  The depth of the engraving lends detail and definition to the round from the snowman in the foreground to the snowcapped peaks in the background.  What caught my eye most was the fluffy depiction of the scarf around the neck of the snowman, obviously there to keep him warm?!  I can’t stress enough the impact a gift of this quality will have when opened and for years to come.  Think of the gift of a silver snowman as an investment for the future, and best of all, know that our snowman won’t melt when summer comes.

    Holiday Presents

    The holiday rounds collection highlights the holidays Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah.  Each of these collectibles measures 39mm in diameter (1.54” – approximately silver dollar size) and share a thickness of 0.12”. All are minted in one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. These rounds exhibit meticulous craftsmanship and detailed engraving. Every collectible is minted in America by Osborne Mint to the highest of quality, integrity, and authenticity. All five pieces are polished to a high gloss, mirror-like finish and shimmer like the gleam from a festive holiday candle.

    The original four holiday rounds focus on celebrating the holiday events correlating with this time of year. This is the first time that Osborne Mint has offered collectible silver rounds based on the season. 

    Merry Christmas ornaments - silver

    The Ornamental Celebration of Christmas is the first presented holiday. This round demonstrates the décor associated with this celebration.  With nine, designer-like ornaments hanging from the top of the round the festivities are apparent. The swirl pattern, crisscross design and solid orbs make these decorations highlight the spirit of the season.

    Kwanzaa - silver

    Kwanzaa is the next holiday featured, with a depiction of the seven-day celebration embodied in the image of the kinara. This candelabrum represents the seven principles of Kwanzaa (self-determination, cooperative economics, creativity, responsibility, purpose, and faith). The center candle demonstrates unity and the power of that unity, especially during the holiday.  The engraving details in the kinara make the holder appear to be real wood grain. Kwanzaa and Habari Gani (Swahili for “how are you?”) are engraved at the top of the round titling the holiday.

    Happy Hanukkah - silver

    The Hanukkah solid silver round also hosts a candelabrum as a traditional representation of the holiday celebration, illuminating the annual Festival of Lights. The detailed menorah includes a Star of David engraved in its center. The flames of each of the nine candles are designed to appear lit and flickering. The words Happy Hanukkah that headline the round name of the season. 

    Wreath D5480 Created 2020 Siv

    The fourth round features an evergreen Holiday Wreath so beautifully and meticulously designed, you will swear you can smell the pine. Adorned with ornaments, bells, pinecones, and a well-placed poinsettia, the wreath is an exemplary example of the holidays. In the center of the wreath are scribed the words Merry Christmas. 


    The reverse side for all five of these holiday collectibles holds the traditional American flag, shield, and spread eagle wings, accompanied by the stated weight of one troy ounce and the true measure of purity as .999 fine silver.  This side also shares the mark of Osborne Mint (O|M) which delineates the quality and craftsmanship Osborne Mint is known for.

    Gift Wrapping Optional

    On the Shop the Mint website one can purchase these stocking stuffers individually or as a complete set of five. Each of these solid one ounce silver rounds will commemorate the holidays for years. I recommend a mix of rounds, select the holiday you celebrate, and accompany that with the snowman, because like the song stuck in my head: everyone wants to build a snowman.

    Happy Holidays to everyone and all a good night!  Let it Snow!

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    Silver press-media round

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