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    coinage custom | 2 min read

    Versatility Blog XXIV


    One of my favorite gifts I have ever received is a Swiss Army knife. It’s not the kind with the fork, spoon and saw blade, it is a simple keychain knife with the essentials for cuticle care, thread trimming and the ever-versatile plastic toothpick. A good friend of mine traveled to Switzerland and purchased what seemed to be a grocery sack full of mini Swiss Army knives, and she gave one to every member of our clique. We each picked our color! At first, I thought was an okay gift, sure, I will put it on my keychain and make a good show, but over the years… wow, what a wonder! Countless times, I have used the mini scissors to clip a coupon, cut a thread or open a Taco Bell sauce packet. The mini tweezers have plucked an eyebrow or a stray grey hair or two and the knife has cut open its share of Fed Ex pouches.

    It is the versatility, of that Swiss Army knife, that has made this gift so valuable to me. It is its ability to be not just a knife, but also an opener, trimmer, tweezers and yeah, a toothpick. The versatility of my little knife has been so impactful to me, that I presented a challenge to our team here at Osborne Coinage and TokensDirect of making our tokens and coins more versatile. The idea that our tokens are not just for vending machines and batting cages, but they can be versatile and used as faux currency, promotional pieces, employee rewards and movie props. Our coins and tokens can indeed be Swiss Army knives. Our recent project for the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce proves this.

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