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    Amy Brown Collection: Second Cousins

    The third coin in the series features the art piece Second Cousins. The collection was created by Anonymous Mint and struck by Osborne Mint. Second Cousins portrays two young females atop a boulder in the middle of pond. Standing on the boulder playfully blowing bubbles is a Faery, and seated next to her is a Mermaid. The pair are quite similar in appearance, perhaps even related – the difference being that one has wings while the other has fins. Both the Faery and the Mermaid feature lovely shades of blue, purple and green. Cattails, water, boulders and woodland background the art. Second Cousins was created in 2011 and appears in the Amy Brown book Visions of Faery.

    Second Cousins

    Second Cousins - Antique Second Cousings 1oz Proof colorized Second Cousins - Proof
    Antique Colorized Proof

    This limited edition collection is available in 1 ounce and 5 ounce . 999 silver. Proof, antique and colorized finishes are offered in both weights.

    Amy Brown CollectionThe round’s common reverse features Amy's well-loved work, DUSK, created in 2003. Dusk displays a Faery with large, graceful feathered wings. Her long hair is flowing in the breeze as she peers out dreamily from her vantage point. Her upper arms are adorned with encircling bracelets. While Dusk is shown seated, it appears as though she could come up and off the surface of the coin at any moment. The background displays stars twinkling in the early evening twilight. The text "Amy Brown Collection" appears across the top rocker of the coin with the weight and purity at the bottom center.

    Minted in Cincinnati Ohio from American sourced .999 pure silver, it has a minimum weight of 1 Troy Ounce or 5 Troy Ounces. Each round is struck to proof standard, serial numbered, packed in a clear capsule and ships along with a Certificate of Authenticity with matching number. Every product made by Osborne is manufactured to the strictest standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions.

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