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    Lincoln 1909-S Penny

    Why Mint A New 1909-S Lincoln Penny?


    The design reinterpretation honors the rarity and desirability to coin collectors and non-collectors.


    Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The August release of the 1909-S Lincoln Penny from Osborne Mint is third in their sequence of iconic American coinage for their American Legacy Collection™.  This one ounce of .999 Fine Silver round is engraved in tribute to the 1909-S Lincoln Penny struck specifically at the San Francisco Mint.  Osborne Mint, America’s oldest private mint, continually designs and produces collectible rounds in the same fashion as the US Mint.  Just as the original 1909-S Lincoln Penny was the first portrait coin struck for circulation, this rendition is the first collectible portrait coin to be featured in the Osborne Mint’s American Legacy Collection™.  For this collectible round a limited number of 5,000 pieces will be produced.

    AL Lincoln Obv Proof_color_antique

    Here are our five reasons for striking a new 1909-S Lincoln Penny: 

    1. First US Coinage to feature a real person
    2. First US Coin to present an American President (Abraham Lincoln)
    3. First change to the One Cent US Coin in 50 years
    4. Coin aptly nicknamed the “Wheat Penny”
    5. Only 484,000 1909-S Lincoln Cents were ever minted (Very Rare)

    Just as the debut of the 1909-S Lincoln Penny was highly anticipated when it first appeared, so too is the introduction of this Osborne Mint 1909-S Lincoln Penny collectible.  Stamped into one full once of .999 fine silver, the 1909-S Lincoln Penny collectible displays the portrait of Abraham Lincoln along with the 1909-S marking.  These components are enhanced for detail with the obverse (front) of the round being convex with the etched imagery towering over the coin, nearly 10 times deeper and more detailed than the original.  The silver blanks for this collectible are actually struck three times with domed, deep relief dies with a force greater than 160 tons.  In this manner the imagery can be pressed into the round with a depth of .070” deep, compared to traditional reliefs of .012” deep.  The detail of this art can be seen in every wisp of Lincoln’s beard and hair to every crease in his bow tie and suit coat.  The coin is convex and engraved deep enough to actually hold water. 

    President Roosevelt selected Victor David Brenner for the daunting task of designing a new one cent coin, primarily because of his legendary numismatic presence as founder of the New York Numismatic Club and his reputation for crafting collectible medals.  The Lincoln penny’s design made it the first coin to feature a real person and the first to honor an American President.  The reverse side of the coin featured two thrushes of wheat and explains why these cents are often referred to as “wheat pennies.”  On the very first run of the coin the designer’s initials “VDB” were prominently included on the obverse. However, the VDB was later removed from the coins because of its overbearing presence.

    The timing of this commemorative round release coincides with both the 210th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and the 110th anniversary of the Lincoln Penny.  The 1909 Lincoln Penny was initially stuck at the US mints in Philadelphia and San Francisco.  The entire first run of coins was completely distributed in less than three days.  The Philadelphia mint released 27.9 million pieces and the San Francisco mint pressed only 484,000 examples.  The Philadelphia version did not carry a mint location stamp, while the limited quantity from the San Francisco mint carried the S mark distinction.  Because of the limited number of circulated pennies stamped with the S mark, a single coin can now fetch upwards of 60-90 thousand dollars, depending on the grading level. 

    These novelties are the reason Osborne Mint selected this 1909-S Lincoln Penny as a featured piece in the American Legacy Collection™.  Two previous releases, the 1913 Buffalo Nickel and the 1893 Morgan Silver Dollar, along with the pending 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar (scheduled release late fall 2019) complete the American Legacy Collection™ set.  Each numismatic-quality round measures 39.1 mm in diameter, is individually numbered on the coin edge and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  Each round is available as a polished proof, antiqued or with a gold plating two-tone finish. The collectibles in this series hold the O/M mint mark and were crafted with strict standards for weight, dimensions, consistency and metal purity.  Osborne Mint ensures that these collectible rounds memorializing US currency are completely sourced and manufactured in the United States of America.  

    The 1909-S Lincoln Penny can only be purchased through a certified precious metals dealer.  Pricing will be determined by the current silver and gold markets at the time of purchase.  Some of our select direct distributors include APMEX, JM Bullion and Money Metals Exchange.  For early release information, details on our next collection or to see our previous designs visit our blog “From The Mint” on our newly revamped website at www.OsborneMint.com


    About Osborne Mint: www.OsborneMint.com  / #OsborneMint

    Established in 1835, Osborne Mint is America’s oldest continuously operating private mint.  Osborne Mint is part of the Osborne Coinage family, which includes Osborne Coin, TokensDirect and Van Brook of Lexington.  The mint, a 60,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, houses development, engraving and manufacturing of numismatic quality collectible rounds and coins.  Products made by Osborne are manufactured to strict standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions.  Osborne Mint strikes thousands of collectable rounds annually and circulates these to the public solely through certified distributors.  Featured collections include designs by Lisa Parker, Anne Stokes’ Dragons, The Galaxies and Nebulae and The American Legacy Collection.  Gold plate, fine silver and copper collections from Osborne Mint are truly pieces of art and are 100% “Made in America.”  

    Stay in the know, follow our hashtag:  #OsborneMint

    For more information on Osborne Mint visit our blog entitled From The Mint hosted on our newly redesigned website at www.OsborneMint.com.

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    AL Lincoln Ob_side proof



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