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    Mint updates | 3 min read

    The New Osborne Mint blog - "From the Mint"

    Hello and welcome to our new Osborne Mint blog.

    Osborne Mint "From the Mint" blog

    Stop by every second and fourth Tuesday of the month for numismatic news, exciting reveals and behind-the-scene looks at how our rounds are crafted.  Just like a press is dropped on a round, we want to drop some knowledge on you.  From the beginning collector to the seasoned professional our goals with these posts are to inform, educate and entertain.  

    Why title the blog: “From the Mint”

    Why not?  This is exactly what the blog will be, highlights and history from the Osborne Mint.  And we really do have a whole mint of content to share, so next time you read our blog know that it is “From the Mint.”

    The Engraver

    My name is Gibson Olpp and I will be your “engraver” on this journey through designing and minting rounds for collectors across the globe.  I have worked at Osborne Mint for sixteen years and what I have learned over that time is worth its weight in gold, silver and bronze.   Over my tenure at Osborne Mint I have worked with industry giants McDonald’s, Guinness Book of World Records, Bitcoin and more.  Currently, I am the Marketing Manager here at Osborne Mint, Osborne Coinage, Tokens Direct and Van Brook of Lexington; I oversee every step of the process from conceptualization to production and polishing to delivery. 

    Osborne Mint

    Osborne Mint is the oldest private mint in the United States dating back to 1835.  Osborne Mint specializes in the minting of highly collectible rounds, often in numbered series, sold only through certified distributors.  We also offer an extended product portfolio through our parent company, Osborne Coinage, as well as our other brands Tokens Direct and Van Brook Tokens.  These entities sell custom coins, tokens, medallions, challenge coins and promotional minted materials directly to consumers.  Professional numismatists, true coin collectors and industry partners know that Osborne Mint is synonymous with quality.  Everyone here takes pride in knowing our entire portfolio of products are made in the USA! Over the course of these blog posts we will learn more about producing and collecting rounds and dabble more into the other coinage items produced by our companies.  We will step behind the scenes, experience the history and even get a glimpse at what’s to be stamped next.

    In the Hopper

    Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see on our blog in the future:

    In the coin press Hopper
    • In-depth look at how rounds are made
    • What makes rounds collectible
    • What are the most popular rounds
    • Osborne Mint’s difference, heritage and future
    • First looks at new collections, featured artists and limited edition rounds
    • How to craft your own custom round
    • Q&A with our craftsman
    • Highlight on collectors and their collections

    In addition, the blog will host guest bloggers, interviews and we are completely open to your suggestions – what do you want to know?   Bookmark our blog page, share on social media, send it to a fellow collector and let’s make something mintage. Look for our hashtags...#OsborneMint  #OsborneCoin  #MadeinAmerica #Numismatics

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