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An American Legacy

Abraham Lincoln, like you have never seen him before!


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In 3 Different Finishes

Abraham Lincoln Obverse - Proof


Struck in a proof finish from 1 once of fine silver, this round comes in a custom fitted capsule to enhance the curvature. 
Abraham Lincoln Obverse - Antique


This beautiful 1 oz round is antiqued and relieved to achieve a deep, rich finish that highlights the intricate details. 
Abraham Lincoln Color Overlay

Proof Colorized

This proud profile is enhanced with a gold color overlay.
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The American Legacy Collection

Antique 1913 Buffalo Nickel obverse and reverse

First in the Series - the 1913 Buffalo Nickel

The first design in the series is the proud Indian from the 1913 Buffalo Nickel and is currently available at Apmex and Littleton Coin. Because of the mega depth, the crags in the Indian’s face and the individual segments of the feathers in his hair can actually be traced with your fingers.

2nd Release - 1893 Morgan Dollar

Second, in the series is the 1893 Morgan Dollar with the female bust representing Liberty. The detail on her crown is so exquisite that you can see the individual wheat sheaves and cotton bolls opening as if reaching for the sun while her hair curls loosely around her neck. Finishes include proof, antique, and colorized proof. Available from leading precious metal dealers Apmex and Littleton Coin.

Morgan deep relief and standard relief

It's All In The Details


Deep Relief Fine Silver Rounds

Osborne Mint is offering a collection of iconic American coinage designs re-interpreted in one ounce of .999 fine silver. Four classic sculpted profiles will be re-modeled using modern techniques to achieve unheard of design depth and detail. These rounds are 10 times deeper than standard deep relief rounds.

AL Lincoln Laying Down - Proof

Highly Collectible Unique Shape

The elaborate detail is evident at first glance where two things immediately catch the eye. First, because the round is convex, the resulting obverse images towers over the surface and every single dip, swirl, cut and facet is enhanced. The second is that a super deep relief mirror image is created on the concave side. The impression is so deep it will actually hold water. 

Not to be confused with replicas, these rounds are a new twist on familiar coinage that collectors will covet for their unsurpassed quality and intricate detail.

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About the collection

The American Legacy series is an Osborne Mint exclusive and is struck in the USA. Each round is edge numbered and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The rounds are enclosed in custom-fitted, curved capsule that emphasize the depth of the design and protect the silver from tarnishing. The rounds are available in proof, antique, and colorized proof.

Osborne Mint ( a division of Osborne Coinage) is the oldest private mint in the United States, with continuous operations in Cincinnati, OH since 1835.

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